sexta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2009

Innovantion and Crisis

Lately one question echoes on my Patent colleagues: The world crisis will affect the processes of technological innovation in Brazil?

It has a great fear that the crisis comes to unchain the reduction of investments in technological innovations.

We cannot affirm which sector in Brazil will suffer great impact by the crisis, but is possible to foresee that the crisis will select among them the most innovatives.

On October 2008 happened in São Paulo, 2° ENIFARMED destined the exchange of information and experiences on the processes of technological innovation in the national pharmaceutical industries.

Ahead of such world-wide crisis, and inside of the proper world-wide pharmaceutical sector a panic around an interruption of medicine new launchings and the extinguishing of the current patents’ “blockbusters”.

The scenario of the Brazilian pharmaceutical industry is ambiguous. Some understands that is the ideal moment for the consolidation of the Brazilian Pharmaceutical industry in the world-wide market with launchings of new cosmetics and medicines from our biodiversity.

For others, the moment is favorable therefore the sector is plastered by the administrative disputes between Brazilian PTO and ANVISA (Brazilian FDA) in the analysis and concession of medicine patents, and the delay in the politics of innovations and the low exploitation of the intellectual potential of our masters and doctors, and fears that the country loses the opportune moment.

Far from politics, Brazilian’s Pharma industries are on the move. New ventures like Incrementha PD& I, an independent research center for new drugs development sponsored by BioLab Sanus and Eurofarma as market strategy; another brazilian Pharmaceutical Cristália have been launching incremental innovations formulations; Libbs Pharmaceutical’s new facilities reveals that Brazilian Pharmaceutical industries are thinking big.

Also professionals recruitment have been changing. Brazilian industries now seek professionals with expertise in Copyright, Scientific Research Intellectual Property and open innovation. Prefessionals with hability to to analyze scenarios and to analyze business opportunities, and mainly, high hability to promote network innovation inside and outside of the company. Being thus, independent of the crisis and the Politics, pharmaceutical companies are investing in innovation in investing in technological innovation and the search for differentiated professionals. Innovator is not to have a boat to face a Flood , but have helm in the boat for when the Flood is over, the boat lies on fertile ground.

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