quinta-feira, 26 de março de 2009

Many experts and consultants have emphasized in recent months that the best way to maintain competitiveness and avoid losses is to invest in technological innovation. I fully agree with his view that the best defense is attack by innovations. Also is important to comment that innovation is not only to launch new products, or recover value brands, but also innovation on business strategy, innovate in the management of costs, investments in R & D. 
A new form of innovation in business is the incorporation of the management of intangible assets (IA) which are trademarks, patents, licensing, copyrights in Market Intelligence and Business Strategy. It is a very commented matter, but practiced by a few, and a fewer know how to do it. 
The incorporation of AI management in business strategy, or as part of market intelligence to the body and executive management does not require hours of arduous understanding of legal doctrines, but to understand and apply the ability to apply trademark or patent to generate competitive advantage, increasing the capacity in response to new products and brands of competition, quest new markets, improve the process of R & D and improve the application of resources and costs of the company. 
The policy of promoting technological innovation should start in the management of business with the learning of new ways of using old tools.

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